Looking for a safe, innovative and cost effective aviation solution? ULTAero can rapidly engineer and approve aviation products or assist in opening markets for your existing product. Check out our promotional magazine which highlights our key services.

Product Development

We can rapidly transform your idea into a product that is manufactured and distributed from Canada. The product (STC, PDA/PMA) is approved by Transport Canada, and if desired, the Federal Aviation Authority and the European Aviation Safety Agency. The development costs are minimized by utilizing customized engineering teams for each product.

STC Market Expansion

Do you own the rights to an existing aeronautical product and wish to enter into new markets? ULTAero can conduct the certification of your product so that it may be sold in Canada, USA and Europe. To save you time and money, we also provide manufacturing and distribution services from Canada.

Custom Design Services for TV/Film

We can rapidly design and manufacture products required for use on TV or film projects by contracting the best team of experts. Our team is not camera shy and produce cost and time effective solutions while maintaining an open environment for character development. We are also experts in obtaining the necessary permits to film in Canada.


Do you need to modify your aircraft or helicopter? We specialize in obtaining serialized and fleet-wide modification approvals for projects as simple as antenna installations to projects as complicated as engine changes. Please contact us for any avionics, powerplant, structural or operational modification approvals.


We can design and obtain Transport Canada Repair Design Approvals (RDA) for structural damage to any category aircraft or helicopter registered in Canada and in the USA. We offer rapid and weekend services for AOG situations.

Import Assistance

We can rapidly assess and seek approvals for various installations that do not possess adequate paperwork on aircraft entering Canada. ULTAero personnel can travel to the aircraft or work remotely with the client to finalize the design and obtain the approval in a timely and cost effective fashion. ULTAero can also provide MD-M personnel to perform all importation and exportation services.

Minor Modifications

We offer minor modification support for FAR 27 helicopter and FAR 23 fixed wing operators for such installations as portable GPS units. We provide a minor modification data package, including reports and drawings, for your records to satisfy the needs of your Transport Canada Inspector.