Check out some of our recent approvals that we’ve obtained for our clients.

LSTC/STC Interior Modifications

  • LOPA and Interior Completions on Bombardier Global 5000/Express
  • Flight Attendant Seat on Boeing 767-300
  • Additional Oxygen Bottle for Medical Transport on Beech 200
  • Relocation of Executive Table on Cessna S550
  • Lead Acid Batteries on Dornier 228 and Shorts SC-7
  • Cargo Floor and Ramp Protection Panels on DeHavilland Buffalo
  • Cabin Interior Liner on DeHavilland Buffalo
  • Replacement of Rear Bench Seat with Storage Box on Cessna 172
  • Relocation of Oxygen Dropbox on Hawker B300
  • Long Line Remote Hook Release Switch on Robinson R44 II

LSTC/STC Exterior Modifications

  • Personnel Transfer System for Powerline Work on Hughes MD500
  • Gas Detector System on Eurocopter AS350B2
  • Simulated Bomb Release Mechanism on Douglas DC4 for TV/Film
  • Securaplane on Bombardier Global 5000
  • Replacement Landing Light Lens Cover on Dornier 228
  • Poly-Fiber Covering of Control Surfaces on Dornier 228
  • Replacement Window on Eurocopter EC120B
  • Tailboom Assembly Replacement on Bell 206
  • Ski Harness Assemblies on DeHavilland Otter
  • Conversion of Cargo Door into Jump Door for Special Ops on Pilatus PC-12/45
  • LED Anti-Collision Beacons on DeHavilland Buffalo and Dornier 228

LSTC/STC Avionics Modifications

  • XM/GPS Systems on Jetstream 3212, Beech King Air and Cessna 414/421
  • TAWS/TCAS Systems on Fairchild SA227-AC, Lockheed Electra, Learjet 55, Douglas DC3
  • Microwave Downlink System on Eurocopter EC120B
  • ELTs on Jetstream 3112, Bombardier DHC-8
  • SkyTrac System on Eurocopter EC120B, Lockheed Electra, Fairchild SA227-DC
  • Portable GPS Units on Bell 206/212, Robinson R22/R44, Eurocopter AS350/EC120B

LSTC/STC Powerplant Modifications

  • APU on Lockheed Electra
  • External Auxiliary Fuel Tank on DeHavilland Turbo Beaver
  • Inlet Filter on Eurocopter AS350BA/D
  • Removal of Auto Throttle System on Bombardier CL-600
  • Engine Change on Bell 206
  • Turboprop Conversion on DeHavilland Otter
  • Alternate Propeller on Cessna R172K

RDC Major Repairs

  • Bird Strike Damage, Lockheed C-130 Hercules
  • Major Structural Life Extension Program, Lockheed C-130 Hercules
  • Engine Truss Mount Standard Repair, Lockheed C-130 Hercules
  • Belly Landing Damage, SOCATA TBM700
  • Wing Damage, Lockheed Electra

PDA Part Replacements

  • Exhaust Stacks on Hawker Beechcraft 200/300/1900D
  • Exhaust System Replacement Parts on Cessna 172/182/210
  • Exhaust System Replacement Parts on DeHavilland Beaver
  • Exhaust System Replacement Parts on Beech 36/200/300